Sentence #127

Uduridu koro vubire taka dimidimi haka, rusurusu haka, satana.

uduridu koro vubire taka dimidimi haka rusurusu haka satana

{ uduri=du} { koro} { vubire} { taka} { dimidimi} { ha=ka} { rusurusu} { ha=ka} { sa=ta=na}

{ air=GOAL} { boy} { bare} { arm} { with.force} { 3SG.IN=TOUCH} { repeatedly} { 3SG.IN=TOUCH} { 3SG.RA=DOWN=START}

The boy's bare arms hit at the air repeatedly, and he began to fall.

Apparently a noun can take multiple adjectives, but a verb/motion particle can only take one adverb.

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