Sentence #1

Tili lonos kini ŋamaza lireye, soronen ŋeŋihe kides libana ikanda liye irato baŋibaŋi.

tili lonos kini ŋamaza lireye soronen ŋeŋihe kides libana ikanda liye irato baŋibaŋi

{ tili} { lono=s} { kini} { ŋama=za} { li=ra=yi} { soro=nen} { ŋe=ŋi=hi} { kidi=s} { li=bana} { i=ka=nda} { liye} { i=ra=to} { baŋibaŋi}

{ past} { day=LOC} { land} { shoulder=PATH} { 1SG=GO=CONT} { word=COM} { SG.AN=MOVE=POT} { rock=LOC} { 1SG=foot} { 3SG.AN=TOUCH=SRC} { 1SG} { 3SG.AN=GO=STOP} { unexpected}

Yesterday, I was going along the shoulder of the land, when I had to stop from coming into contact with my foot against a rock that could talk.

The shoulder of the land would be the part of the land that gently slopes into not-land, i.e. sea, so the beach.

This sentence is part of Soronen Kidi.


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