Sentence #2

Likasaya soronen ŋeŋihe kidilo, sadu sorove, “U! Soronen kidi diŋi?”

likasaya soronen ŋeŋihe kidilo sadu sorove u! soronen kidi diŋi

{ li=kasa=ya} { soro=nen} { ŋe=ŋi=hi} { kidi=lo} { sa=du} { soro=vi} { u!} { soro=nen} { kidi} { di=ŋi}

{ 1SG=hand=CAUS} { word=COM} { AN.SG=MOVE=POT} { rock=UP} { 3SG.RA=GOAL} { word=OUT} { hey!} { word=COM} { rock} { 2SG=MOVE}

I with my hand picked up the rock that could talk, and said to it, “Hey, are you a talking rock?”

This sentence is part of Soronen Kidi.


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