Sentence #7

Nakemeya nataronda nadurondara, udures elo, eta aŋaka, narunukavas rusurusu eka.

nakemeya nataronda nadurondara udures elo eta aŋaka narunukavas rusurusu eka

{ na=keme=ya} { na=taru=nda} { na=duronda=ra} { uduri=s} { e=lo} { e=ta} { aŋaka} { na=runukava=s} { rusurusu} { e=ka.}

{ 3PL.RA=finger=CAUS} { 3PL.RA=face=SRC} { 3PL.RA=eye.PL=GO} { air=LOC} { 3PL.IN=UP} { 3PL.IN=DOWN} { and.then} { 3PL.IN=eye.socket=LOC} { repeatedly} { 3PL.IN=TOUCH}

They took their two eyes from their faces with their fingers and tossed them up into the air, and then they (the eyes) came down, and they caught them again and again in their eye sockets.

This sentence is part of Runulodu Yere.


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