Sentence #109

Sadu sakemekaza seŋipe, mezi esenadu menepes tinines sakemeka.

sadu sakemekaza seŋipe mezi esenadu menepes tinines sakemeka

{ sa=du} { sa=keme=ka=za} { seŋi=pe} { mezi} { e=se=na=du} { menepe=s} { tinini=s} { sa=keme=ka}

{ 3SG.RA=GOAL} { 3SG.RA=finger=TOUCH=PATH} { warning=FAIL} { soft} { 3PL.IN=STAY=START=GOAL} { wax=LOC} { feather=LOC} { 3SG.RA=finger=TOUCH}

The danger of touching failed to come to him, and his fingers touched the feathers and softened the wax.

This sentence is part of Dedaloza Tani.


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