[verb, auxiliary]

Dape is an auxiliary only verb ‘V again, V back’, denoting iteration. Dape is derived from da plus the particle pe ‘from’. Dape-seppe ‘stumble, trip’ is the only time dape appears as a primary verb. The obstacle stumbled upon or tripped over is marked with su.

Dape as an auxiliary can also mean ‘back, behind, after’ as in da-dape=A=O ‘A follow, go after O’ and se-dape=A(=O) ‘A say back, reply to O’.


[#29] Da-kutta-dapetodabena.

[#9] Lono wososu gadagaba geline no-sedelale, dape-seppeboce kidi se-dullowa doŋisu.

[#21] Nome sedetosananu yenne doŋiŋi, kuppe sedetosananu lada todudu, kuno dape sedetosananu doŋibuduŋi gosone.

[#14] Se-dapeladace, “Kidi sewa basabasanu tene tellole.”

[#12] Se-dapeladace: “la! kidi sewanu tenele.”

[#110] Woŋŋi todu kuttatodanu laja yekeke haŋŋipe mede sonodu, cala luwu da-dapetodanu.

[#18] Wusutepe kidi sewanumo dunno-dape-wolemo.