[verb, auxiliary]

Tello is an auxiliary only verb ‘must V’ expressing strong obligation. Tello is used for polite imperatives, as in: Kuno-tello=di=nu! ‘You must get the thing!’ or ‘Get the thing!’.

Tello is derived from tene and the obsolete particle lo ‘up’.


[#77] Cewadu gehe kadde telloja.”

[#22] Jede kadde tellotoda Peyada.

[#76] Kadde tetta telloja.

[#31] Mete metepe noye nome tellotodanu doŋiŋi telili.

[#14] Se-dapeladace, “Kidi sewa basabasanu tene tellole.”

[#75] Selemona, “Setta telloja.