Sentence #5

Kidido keŋive, “Zodu diya lidu libanaraza seŋipe?”

kidido keŋive zodu diya lidu libanaraza seŋipe

{ kidi=du} { keŋi=vi} { zodu} { di=ya} { li=du} { li=bana=ra=za} { seŋi=pe}

{ rock=GOAL} { question=OUT} { why} { 2SG=CAUS} { 1SG=GOAL} { 1SG=foot=GO=PATH} { warning=FAIL}

I asked the rock, “Why did you fail to warn me about my foot’s going?”

zodu is a combination of the inanimate singular relative clause pronoun zo= wearing its other hat as a general indefinite pronoun and the goal marker =du.

This sentence is part of Soronen Kidi.


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