Sentence #26

Lohoya kehimeto, elekenda ureya kehimena aŋaka, saderelevina.

lohoya kehimeto elekenda ureya kehimena aŋaka saderelevina

{ loho=ya} { kehi=me=to} { eleke=nda} { uri=ya} { kehi=me=na} { aŋaka} { sa=derele=vi=na}

{ sun=CAUS} { task=INTO=STOP} { south=SRC} { wind=CAUS} { task=INTO=START} { and.then} { 3SG.RA=breath=OUT=START}

The sun stopped, and the south wind started, they started to emit breath (blow).

This sentence is part of Elekenda Uri, Loho.


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