kutta=A=O A push O
auxiliary V-kutta V with force

Kutta is derived from an older form of the word kuwu ‘hand’ and the obsolete particle ta ‘down’.

The auxiliary kutta can also mean ‘quickly’ with da and no and any of their compounds (data, dello, deye, nolo, nota, nome, noye), ‘tightly’ with kuje, ‘thoroughly’ or ‘carefully’ with dunno and callo, ‘strongly’ or ‘passionately’ with canno, ‘well’ with dullo, ‘loudly’ with se, and adds a sense of ‘very’ withe the copula verbs. It is not used with verbs of stance or starting or ending.

The reduplicated kutta-kutta yields a straightforward ‘push with force’.


[#110] Woŋŋi todu kuttatodanu laja yekeke haŋŋipe mede sonodu, cala luwu da-dapetodanu.

[#55] Wudu wudu noloto, xosodu keyodo yana todu kuttatonu, lada tenetene todu deggu kanneto.