[verb, auxiliary]

Tetta is an auxiliary only verb ‘stop Ving’, denoting cessation. tetta is derived from tene plus the obsolete particle ta ‘down’.

V-tetta is the most common way to stop V-ing, and can be used with most every verb. It is not, however, used with data. Instead seje is used in place of an auxiliary as it implies coming to a natural end. Aside from this and a few other verbs, seje is not used as an auxiliary.


[#76] Kadde tetta telloja.

[#84] Kenni tettajamo, no!

[#82] Kuno kuttasamona wudu yedenamona, jede kadde tetta deyesamona cewane.

[#107] Lohosa kadde-tettatosa.

[#86] Wososu yedenadana kenni tettadanace.