nome=S S come out, appear
nome=A=O A pull O out, make O come out
nome-nome=A=O A let O appear
auxiliary V-nome let V

Nome is not used with the auxiliaries da or no.

Nome is derived from the verb no and an older particle, no longer in use, me ‘in’.


[#71] Cedubeli wudu noye nomekenama; yebe gada nome deyekenanu xokesu, deye deyekenanu wukedu dadullowa xokedu.

[#21] Nome sedetosananu yenne doŋiŋi, kuppe sedetosananu lada todudu, kuno dape sedetosananu doŋibuduŋi gosone.

[#24] Nometodanu doŋiŋi, lada todudu kuppetodanu.