Sentence #100

Evi, “Kineza tadanuza Keretas lasa Minoka tezes, korikori layise gutus.

evi kineza tadanuza Keretas lasa Minoka tezes korikori layise gutus

{ e=vi} { kini=za} { tadanu=za} { Kereta=s} { lasa} { Mino=ka} { tezes} { korikori} { layi=se} { gutus}

{ 3PL.IN=OUT} { land=PATH} { waves=PATH} { Kereta=LOC} { chief} { Mino=TOUCH} { left} { open} { sky=STAY} { right}

He said, “On the left hand, the land and the waves are held by Mino chief of Kereta, on the right, the sky is open.

The coordinating conjunction tezes ... gutus is related to the words for left hand and right hand in Kēlen plus the locative =s.

This sentence is part of Dedaloza Tani.


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